Search Recordings

There are two sites available to search property records.

Please note that new security features will require you to close your browser after finishing your search session. Also, it is highly recommended to use the Mozilla Firefox browser to access the 20/20 search site.

20/20 SEARCH SITE - (search by Property Index Number)

Trouble printing?

Please follow these steps: (make note of your Order Number)

  1. Go to the 20/20 search page.
  2. On the top of the screen, select "Search Criteria".
  3. Under search criteria, select "Purchased Documents Search".
  4. Enter the Document Number and the Purchase Date in the empty boxes.
  5. Open and print a copy of the document.


ONYX SEARCH SITE - (search by address)

(Disclaimer: If your document isn’t appearing on Onyx, this search engine updates several days behind the other search engines.)

*We are not responsible for omissions or errors.


  • Using a Bookmark directly to 20/20 could degrade your experience and possibly trigger an error. Bookmark this page instead and access the 20/20 Page through the links on the Cook County Clerk’s website.
  • If you are having difficulties reaching the 20/20 Search Portal, try clearing your browser’s cache, restarting/changing your web browser or browsing in private/incognito mode.
  • If you left a previous search session open, close your browser for a fresh session (session timeouts have been implemented).
  • The Google Chrome Browser is not fully compatible with 20/20 site. Try Mozilla Firefox.
  • You may also try visiting our ONYX Site if your access issues persist.