Running for Office Starter Kit

The Cook County Clerk’s office has created the free Running for Office Starter Kit (RFO) to allow suburban Cook County residents to view the elected offices they are eligible to run for and receive the necessary information and documentation to complete the challenging process of running for office.

Users can simply enter basic information such as their name, birthdate and address to view available offices, filling dates and signature requirements.

Within minutes the RFO displays all available contests and relevant information while also generating a candidate packet complete with the Statement of Candidacy, Loyalty Oath and Petition for Nomination forms prepopulated with the user’s information – saving time, money and costly mistakes that can bump prospective candidates off the ballot.

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The filing deadline for the April 2, 2019 Consolidated Election is Monday, December 17, 2018. The Running for Office Starter Kit is still available as a resource for those seeking to learn about the process and requirements of running for office in Cook County.

Have questions about the Running for Office Starter Kit? Click here for our FAQs.