Campaign Mail Voting Web Ads

To all campaigns:

As I am sure you are aware - voting by mail is increasingly popular with voters. And with campaigns. Knowing that one of your voters has requested a ballot, and later, that they mailed it in greatly enhances a campaign’s “get out the vote” operation.  Voters are better served when they request their ballot themselves through our Online Mail Ballot Application system. They are disadvantaged by completing paper forms. Those who request ballots online get them sooner and vote them at a higher rate.

We encourage you to funnel your Vote by Mail program through our webpage by offering you a way to identify your suburban Cook County voters. It’s as simple as putting a link on your website to our online mail ballot application. Each campaign will use a unique link, we will capture that information, and reports will be available of voters who started at your website and then applied for a mail ballot.

Here are the easy instructions:

1. Personalize your URL. Instead of “Campaign Name,” use “JohnSmith” or “Jane_Robinson.” Any of these examples will work:

2. Select a location on your website.

  • The link can be part of a sentence, such as: Suburban Cook County voters can apply online for a mail ballot.
  • The link can be affixed to an image, such as the ones below in various downloadable sizes.

3. Request a report of your referred vote-by-mail applicants. Call 312.603.1124 or email

We hope you will find this information helpful and look forward to working with you.

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