April 2, 2019 Write-in Candidates

Official List of Write-In Candidates  (Suburban Cook County)

City of Blue Island
Ollie Talbott, Alderman 5th Ward (Full Two-Year Term)

Village of Calumet Park
Lavell Rucker, Trustee (Full Term)
Daniel O. White, Trustee (Full Term)

City of Chicago Heights
Sebastian Calvin Ghiles, Mayor (Full Term)
Clarise Hall, Mayor (Full Term)
Angela Mattio, Mayor (Full Term)
Robert McCoy, City Clerk (Full Term)
Larecia N Tucker, City Clerk (Full Term)
Joseph A. Turza, Mayor (Full Term)

Village of Dixmoor
Alda Leavy-Skinner, Trustee (Vacancy)

Village of Flossmoor
David Bruni, Trustee (Full Term)
Michelle I. Nelson, Trustee (Full Term)

Village of Forestview
Jonathan Bonilla, Trustee (Full Term)
David Figueroa, Trustee (Full Term)
Jim Sudkamp, Trustee (Full Term)

Village of Indian Head Park
Sharon Allison, Village Clerk (Full Term)

Village of Mount Prospect
Jeffrey D. Nejdl, Trustee (Full Term)

Village of Norridge
Adam Chudzik, Trustee (Full Term)

City of Prospect Heights
John M. Styler, Alderman Ward 2 (Full Term)

Village of Park Forest
Renee Hawthorne, Mayor (Full Term)
Sean P. Hightower, Mayor (Full Term)

Ford Heights Park District
G.T. Coleman, Commissioner (Full Term)
Freddie L. Wilson, Commissioner (Full Term)

Golf Maine Park District
Puneet Soni, Commissioner (Vacancy)

Light House Park District
Thomas Tench, Commissioner (Full Term)

Maywood Park District
Kenneth R. Watkins, Commissioner (Full term)

Dixmoor Public Library District
Ira Rolark, Trustee (Full Term)
Sebastian Wiggins, Trustee (Full Term)

Ford Heights Public Library District
Allis Franklin, Trustee, (Full Term)
Lamarr Jones, Trustee, (Full Term)

Homewood Public Library District
Nancy Gildart, Trustee (Vacancy)

Lemont Public Library District
Patricia Doornbos, Trustee (Full Term)
Michael Dunkin, Trustee (Full Term)
Melissa Fischer, Trustee (Full Term)
Renee Miller Pravdik, Trustee (Full Term)

Stickney Forest View Public Library District
Anthony Murillo, Trustee

North Riverside Public Library District
PJ Folz, Trustee (Vacancy)
Priscilla Skenandore, Trustee (Vacancy)

School District 80
Mary “Molly” Dec, Board Member (Full Term)
Louis Mezzano, Board Member (Full Term)

School District 87
Alejandro Sosa, Board Member (Vacancy)

School District 107
Joy Tristano, Board Member (Full Term)

School District 118
Donald H. Jeanes, Board Member (Vacancy)

School District 148
Kathy Cherry, Board Member (Full Term)

School District 156
Quinton Foreman, Board Member (Full Term)
Frank L. Tanniehill, Board Member (Full Term)

High School District 228
David Mensing, Board Member (Full Term)
Terrence J. Whitcomb, Board Member (Full Term)

Northfield Township Trustee of Schools
Terry Carr, Trustee (Full Term)

East Dundee Fire Protection District
John Bonkoski, Trustee (Full Term)