Property Taxes

The Cook County Clerk's office maintains delinquent tax records, tax maps & information regarding TIF districts.

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If your unpaid taxes have been sold, the Clerk's office can provide you with an Estimate of the Cost of Redemption.

The Clerk's Tax Extension Unit is responsible for calculating property tax rates for all local taxing districts in Cook County. 

Use your Property Index Number (PIN) to see if your property has any sold, forfeited or open taxes.

Search past Tax Agency Reports that reflect the data used to calculate the tax rates for local taxing districts.

Reports tools & information on TIF districts - a tool that a city can use to generate money for development in a specif area using taxpayer funds.

The Cook County Clerk’s office produces a plethora of maps pertaining to elections and taxing districts. All of our available maps are posted here as PDFs.

The Map Department maintains records of taxing district boundaries to provide the basis for property tax calculations done for tax extensions.

A PIN, or property index number, is a unique 14-digit number that represents a parcel of land for taxation purposes.

An overview of the Illinois Property Tax system operating in Cook County.

Frequently asked tax-related questions and a glossary of tax terms to know in order to understand your taxes.

Jul 19

Chicago TIFs to collect $461 million

2015 TIF revenue up 24% in Chicago, down 5% in suburbs
Jul 18

Statement from Clerk Orr Regarding the Assessment Process

A statement by Clerk Orr given to Cook County Commissioners in lieu of today's hearing with Assessor Joseph Berrios.
Jun 13

2016 Cook County Tax Rates Released

The 2016 property tax rates, calculated by the Cook County Clerk’s office for the county’s more than 1,400 taxing agencies, were released today - the final step in the tax process before bills are mailed out.
Mar 29

Statement from Clerk Orr on Annual Tax Sale

Moving Cook County’s Annual Tax Sale to April 3, 2017 is causing thousands of homeowners to panic at the prospect of losing their homes.