Voters can use Internet to learn of district changes

March 12, 2002
Press Release

As a result of newly drawn voting districts, some suburban Cook County voters will find that they have moved into new congressional, state legislative and county commissioner districts even though they have remained at their current address.

As part of the legislative remapping process that occurs every 10 years and is based on population shifts reflected in the 2000 U.S. Census, some suburban Cook County precinct boundaries have been redrawn, Cook County Clerk David Orr said.

"In some cases, voters heading to the polls in the March 19 primary election will find themselves in new voting districts and will decide between candidates they may not be familiar with," warned Orr, who wants to avoid confusion by alerting voters of the changes in advance of Election Day.

Orr urged suburban Cook voters to learn their districts by logging onto the Clerk’s election website – – and typing in their address. They can also download a personalized "virtual ballot" to find out about candidates they will choose from before heading to the polls. Voters who do not have access to the Internet can call the county’s election department (312) 603-0906.

In some cases, polling place locations have changed as a result of the redistricting process. Voters assigned to new polling places will receive a post card from the Clerk’s office before Election Day informing them of the change and their new polling place address. A red voter Instruction Guide will also be mailed to every voting household before Election Day that lists the polling place address for each voter. Voters may also retrieve their polling place information at

For more information, call the Elections Department at (312) 603-0906.