Statement in Support of Chicago Teachers Union Day of Action

Clerk David Orr
April 1, 2016
Statement from the Clerk

Today I stand in support of the Chicago Teachers Union one-day walkout.

Everyone must unite to find a common solution to the funding problem without blaming teachers, who have diligently paid into their pension funds, or pitting one district against another.

Additionally, we remain the only state in the union without a budget and this stalemate must end.

Hundreds of thousands of people and families are suffering throughout our state as Governor Rauner continues to make unrealistic demands before the Illinois General Assembly. Instead of showing leadership our governor has chosen to pursue a harshly partisan agenda.

To make matters worse, Rauner blames CPS problems on Chicago, when in fact the primary obstacle begins with him and his refusal to adequately fund our city schools.

The budget impasse has already victimized those who rely on needed social services in Illinois and we cannot allow this to happen to our school children next.   


David Orr,
Cook County Clerk