Statement from Cook County Clerk David Orr on Dissolution of President’s Commission on Election Integrity

Clerk David Orr
January 4, 2018
Statement from the Clerk

After months of stirring controversy, casting doubt on the integrity of this country’s election systems, wasting an untold amount of taxpayer dollars and not producing a single piece of evidence pointing to any hint of widespread or coordinated voter fraud, President Trump has disbanded his voter integrity commission. 

From its inception, this Presidential Commission was a sham, built on a lie and intent not on uncovering voter fraud but on restricting access to the vote. The voting system is not, as President Trump tweeted, “rigged,” nor is there systemic voter fraud or any evidence whatsoever of “millions” of non-citizens voting in the 2016 Presidential Election. No legitimate investigation or commission will find any such fraud or improprieties in our election systems.

I’m always open to a serious review of potential fraud, but a serious review involves non-partisan individuals as well as a fair and transparent process. We also must remain vigilant, informed and engaged, because this administration will continue its work to restrict and roll back voter rights. While the commission itself has been disbanded, its work will continue under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security, which will investigate claims of non-citizens on the voter rolls.

Our election systems do need help from the federal government. But that assistance is not to root out phony fraud, but to help us secure our election systems against attack. This will take hundreds of millions of dollars, but it is an investment which our representatives in the federal government, and the president, should make, if they are truly serious about protecting the integrity of our elections.


David Orr
Cook County Clerk