Statement From Clerk Orr Regarding Automatic Voter Registration Bill

Clerk David Orr
November 29, 2016
Statement from the Clerk

I am disappointed that Republican lawmakers, who supported Automatic Voter Registration before the governor’s veto, chose not to support an override today which would modernize and streamline Illinois’ voter rolls.
The Automatic Voter Registration bill is a good government measure that can save taxpayers money, improve the accuracy of voter registration rolls and boost voter participation. Nearly 700,000 people in Illinois remain registered at addresses where they no longer live. AVR aims to fix this.
Streamlining the voter registration process benefits all Illinoisans, making it easier for Democrats, Republicans and Independents to register while saving money and limiting unnecessary interactions with government bureaucracy.
I commend all who have worked so hard on AVR legislation. I would especially like to thank Rep. Robyn Gabel and Sen. Andy Manar who shepherded AVR legislation.
It is my hope that lawmakers, before this veto session ends or in the next session, can work together to revive and pass AVR legislation in order to secure and modernize our state’s voter rolls. We need to take the burden of continual registration off the backs of citizens and place the onus on government to efficiently serve its citizens.

David Orr,
Cook County Clerk