Small suburban Cook primary will save taxpayer dollars

January 21, 2011
Press Release

Update (Jan. 31): A primary will be held for Dolton village trustee. There are four candidates: Willie Lowe, Jr.; Valeria Stubbs; Larry James Bradley; and Riley H. Rogers.

Absentee ballot applications now being accepted; Voter registration deadline is Jan. 25

Less than 50 precincts will be open in suburban Cook County for the Feb. 22, 2011 Consolidated Primary election, according to Cook County Clerk David Orr.

“This is one of the smallest primaries we’ve had in suburban Cook County history,” Orr said. “More candidates per race are now needed to trigger a primary, thanks to recent changes in law. It allows for a more efficient election and taxpayer savings.”

The Clerk’s office will spend about $250,000 less than a typical primary due to the reduced number of contests. Those savings are the result of needing fewer election judges, polling places and Early Voting sites.

As of today, an election will only be held in one suburban municipality – South Holland. Four candidates are on the ballot for South Holland village trustee (see below). The Clerk’s office will administer the election in South Holland’s 22 precincts.

Residents of South Holland can submit absentee ballot applications now. Absentee voting is open to all voters; no excuse is necessary. Applications for absentee ballots can be downloaded at

Eligible citizens can register to vote in the Feb. 22 election until Jan. 25.

Village trustee, South Holland
Jacqueline D. Franklin
N. Keith Chambers
Cynthia L. Doorn
John F. Sullivan

There are no write-in candidates in this election.

Please note: There is still a pending objection in the race for Dolton village trustee. A primary could be triggered by the outcome. If the local electoral board and court rule in favor of an election, 26 precincts in Dolton will be open for voting on Feb. 22.

Upcoming election dates for the Feb. 22 election

  • Now – Absentee ballot applications accepted
  • Jan. 25 – Last day to register to vote
  • Jan. 26 – Grace period registration and voting begins
  • Jan. 31 – Early Voting begins
  • Feb. 15 – Grace period registration and voting ends
  • Feb. 17 – Early Voting ends
  • Feb. 21 – Last day to mail absentee ballots
  • Feb. 22 – Election Day

Early Voting – Jan. 31-Feb. 17