Orr's precinct reductions to increase Election Day efficiency

September 17, 2015
Press Release

In an efficiency move, Cook County Clerk David Orr will reduce the number of suburban Cook County precincts by 74 for the 2016 Presidential Primary Election.

Last week, the Cook County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved Orr’s measure which will bring the number of precincts from 1,673 to 1,599.

More than 85 percent of the targeted suburban Cook County precincts will be combined with another precinct at the same polling location. In those cases voters will barely notice a change; 11 other precincts will be eliminated altogether.

“We are continually reviewing our Election Day operations, and we identified an opportunity to increase efficiency throughout suburban Cook County polling places without adversely affecting voters,” Orr said. “The growth of pre-Election Day voting has allowed us to take some pressure off Election Day precincts.”

Early voting and mail voting now represent more than 25 percent of all ballots cast.

Through periodic precinct reductions, Orr’s Office has eliminated 829 precincts since 2002. The county will have 36 percent fewer precincts in 2016 than when the reductions began. In this round, at least one precinct will be affected in 23 of suburban Cook County’s 30 townships.

The Clerk’s office will mail all registered voters an official election notice with their precinct and polling location prior to the March 2016 Presidential Primary Election.

Cookcountyclerk.com, where voters can find their current precinct information just by entering their home address via their computer or smartphone with the Your Voter Information tool, is still being updated to reflect these changes.