Orr unveils new birth certificate video before school starts

August 10, 2015
Press Release
Vital Records

August busiest month for birth record sales

With the start of a new school year just around the corner, Cook County Clerk David Orr announced a new video detailing how to get a birth certificate.

“With five different ways to order a birth certificate, this video will help customers understand their options,” Orr said. “It’s a fun video, with a lot of energy, but also very informative.”

Orr’s Vital Records office is the official record keeper of births that occurred in Chicago and suburban Cook County. In 2014, Vital Records issued 360,276 birth certificates, more than any other record type and 36 percent of all record transactions.  August is the busiest month for birth certificate transactions. Nearly 34,000 were issued in August 2014, 36,906 in August 2013, and 38,140 in August 2012.

“The beginning of the school year marks the busiest month for Vital Records, but school registration isn’t the only reason people need a birth certificate,” Orr said. “Whether you’re preparing for school registration, have a new addition to the family, or just need an extra copy of a birth certificate, we can help you.”

There are five ways to obtain a birth certificate: in person at our downtown Vital Records office or one of the five suburban courthouses; by mail; at a currency exchange; online; or by phone. Anyone requesting a birth certificate must be 18 years old or be a parent whose name appears on the birth record.

To get a birth certificate, you are required to show a valid form of ID. Birth certificates cost $15 and $4 for additional copies of the same record. Orders not made in person are subject to additional shipping and processing fees.

“We provide many convenient options how to get a birth certificate” Orr said. “The quickest and cheapest way is in person.”

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