Orr names new Director of Bureau of Vital Records

March 21, 2017
Press Release
Vital Records

Cook County Clerk David Orr on Tuesday announced the appointment of Connie Myers as Director of the Bureau of Vital Records, effective immediately.

Myers has nearly 30 years of service in the Clerk’s Office, and has served as Acting Director of Vital Records since November, 2016. She had been Deputy Director of Vital Records since December, 2015.

“Connie has been an integral part of all the department’s successes, as she has taken active leadership and development of projects and staff,” Or said.

Myers was one of the project managers on the Assumed Business Name project, worked to revamp the notary system, helped develop the License Registration System for marriage licenses, and for the past eight years has overseen managers of the suburban Vital Records offices.

“She has been instrumental in our initiatives to modernize the Clerk’s office, particularly with the upcoming implementation of the online marriage license system,” Orr said. “I am confident that under her continued leadership our Vital Records department will be a leader among government offices in its responsiveness to customers and successful implementation of all projects and practices that ensure the best experience for all who interact with it.”