New ‘Be a Poll Worker’ video a call to get involved

March 4, 2015
Press Release

A new video produced by Cook County Clerk David Orr’s office calls on citizens to play their part in elections by working at the polls on Election Day. The 3-minute video spotlights the benefits of becoming a poll worker – being involved in one’s community, helping to keep the wheels of democracy moving, and earning a nice paycheck.

The video is one of the ways the Clerk’s office is reaching out to suburban Cook County voters to encourage them to serve as poll workers during the April 7 Consolidated Election. Community members throughout suburban Cook are urged to visit to learn more about the positions and how they can contribute to local democracy. Poll workers are particularly needed in north suburban Cook County.

“Nearly 8,000 voters serve as poll workers each election in suburban Cook County,” Orr said. “They are absolutely vital to the electoral process, and this new video will show prospective poll workers the requirements, responsibilities and rewards of the position.”

The video, one of more than 100 on the clerk’s YouTube page, has footage of actual poll workers receiving pre-election day training, setting up their polling places, and assisting voters on Election Day. Requirements to become a poll worker are highlighted, as are the steps to apply and receive the required online and hands-on training sessions.

The video features election judges who range in age from students to retirees.

The video also includes observations from election judges, such as, “I don’t think of it as a job. I’m doing something for my country and community,” and, “Democracy is made up of a lot of small voices and being an election judge helps those voices get heard.”

The video notes these are paid jobs: at least $175 for election judges and $325 for equipment managers.

Clerk Orr’s videos are all produced in-house; viewers can watch them to understand TIFs, see how mail ballots are processed, or learn how to apply for a marriage license, for instance. Many videos also provide guidelines – in multiple languages – for voting and registering to vote. The clerk’s videos have been viewed nearly 18,000 times.