Morris, Paul-Emile elected by coin flips

May 2, 2011
Press Release

Two tied contests from the April 5, 2011 Election were decided Monday when Cook County Clerk David Orr flipped coins to determine the winners.

Orr started with the race for Broadview Village Trustee, where Woodie Morris and Gerald R. Davis were tied at 458 votes. Orr put each candidate's name in a separate pill bottle, dropped the bottles in a fish bowl, shook the bowl and selected a bottle. Morris' name was picked so he called the coin toss.

Morris called "heads." Orr tossed the silver dollar on a table and it rolled onto the floor and landed face up. Morris, who attended with his wife, said he looked forward to serving his community. Davis participated by conference call. 

Next, Orr repeated the same procedure and Joseph A. Festa was selected to call the coin toss. Festa and Fritz Paul-Emile were tied at 162 votes for school board member in Berwyn School District 98.

Festa called "heads" but lost when the silver dollar landed on "tails." Fritz Paul-Emile, who also participated by conference call, will be the new school board member.

Under Illinois law, when two or more candidates are tied the county clerk shall "determine by lot which of them is to be declared elected."

The Cook County Clerk last decided an election by coin toss in 2007.

Clerk Orr and new Broadview Village Trustee Woodie Morris after the coin toss.