Military and overseas ballots now available

September 12, 2006
Press Release

Cook County Clerk David Orr’s office will send election materials and absentee ballots electronically to U.S. military personnel and Americans living overseas who wish to vote in the November 7 general election.

By enabling military voters and Americans living abroad to apply for and receive absentee ballots via e-mail or fax, the Clerk’s office is ensuring that ballots are received in time for the upcoming election.

Electronic transmittal of these materials can cut at least one week off the time it would normally take to deliver a ballot using the U.S. Postal Service. The law requires that completed absentee ballots be postmarked by midnight on November 6th and received within fourteen days of the election. Voted ballots must be returned by mail.

“This expedites the process to help guarantee that overseas voters and military personnel stationed throughout the world will not only have the opportunity to vote, but have their votes counted,” said Orr. The Clerk’s office will not mail out military and overseas absentee ballots after October 30.

Under the county’s program, qualified voters can now request an absentee ballot by e-mail or fax. The Clerk’s office will e-mail or fax a ballot application, a blank ballot, and all necessary paperwork that can then be completed and mailed back.

In addition to voting, military personnel and overseas Americans may also register to vote as part of the program. In these cases, the Federal Postcard Application form will also serve as a registration application.

Orr’s program applies to military personnel stationed at home or abroad, and U.S. citizens who are temporarily or permanently residing abroad but whose last address was in suburban Cook County.

Those interested can contact the Clerk’s office to request an electronic or faxed ballot by e-mailing, by faxing (312) 603-9784 or by calling (312) 603-0944. Chicago residents can request absentee ballots by e-mail or fax by contacting the Chicago Board of Elections at /(312) 269-7900.

To assist the city and county in the electronic voting program, the Department of Defense Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) is including the details of the electronic ballot delivery process on its website,

Orr urges the families of military personnel serving away from home and voters living abroad to alert them to the program and to provide the office’s e-mail address and fax number.