Media guidelines for suburban precinct access

March 31, 2011
Press Release

If you plan to visit a suburban Cook County polling place on Election Day, or today for the last day of Early Voting, please follow these guidelines:

  • Upon entering the polling place, introduce yourself to the election judges before conducting any interviews or taking any photographs.
  • Provide proof of your media status -- preferably a press pass with photo. Business cards will also be accepted. (The Clerk's office no longer issues media credentials.)
  • All interviews must be conducted outside the polling place so as not to disturb voting.
  • Photos and videos can be taken inside the precinct. However, you may not take shots of a voter making his or her choices on a paper or touch screen ballot.
  • Please ask first, and respect voters and poll workers who say they do not want to be interviewed or photographed.

The Clerk's office explains these rules to election judges during training. We also included this information in the attached judge newsletter. If an election judge does not grant you access, first ask him or her to review the judge newsletter.