Half of all suburban Cook early votes cast in final 4 days

January 29, 2010
Press Release

Early Voting in suburban Cook County peaked in the final four days, when nearly half of the 34,839 early votes were cast, Cook County Clerk David Orr said Friday.
"Early Voting gained incredible steam this week," Orr said. "16,263 suburban voters cast their ballots between Monday and Thursday." 
The busiest four sites -- Orland Park Village Hall; Centennial Park in Wilmette; Northbrook Village Hall and Wheeling Township Hall in Arlington Heights -- accounted for about 10,000 of the total votes cast during Early Voting. The downtown Chicago site, 69 W. Washington, was the fifth most popular location with more than 1,600 voters.
Cumulative totals by site,a full daily breakdown of Early Voting turnout by site, and a map illustrating Early Voting by site are available online.
Early Voting Participation by Party
During Early Voting, 68 percent of suburban Cook County voters selected Democratic ballots, 31 percent voted Republican and less than 1 percent voted Green Party or Non-partisan.
In the 2006 and 2002 gubernatorial primaries, 67 percent and 65 percent, respectively, voted Democratic (including early voters in 2006).
Early Voting Participation by Township
Voters who live in New Trier Township had the greatest participation in Early Voting, with 2,920 ballots cast. Voters from Northfield (2,666), Orland (2,623), Worth (2,119) and Wheeling (1,871) rounded out the top five townships by participation.
Less than 200 early voters cast ballots from each of the following townships: Calumet, Stickney, River Forest and Riverside.
A map of Early Voting participation by voters' home precincts is available online.
Early Voting Participation by Age & Gender 
Voters age 65 and older represented about 44 percent of all early voters. Less than 15 percent of early voters were age 44 or younger. New Trier and Bloom townships had the  greatest participation by 18- to 24-year-old voters.
More suburban women than men were early voters. About 54 percent of all early voters were women and 46 percent were men.


Election March  2006 Nov. 2006  April 2007 Feb. 2008 Nov.  2008 April 2009
Early Voters 15,609 32,903 8,205 51,116 226,084 25,737
Total Turnout 347,483 678,064 236,223 585,449 1,056,242 304,766
Early Voting share 4.5% 4.9%  3.5%  8.7%  21.4% 8.4% 

Other Online Information
At cookcountyclerk.com, voters can check their registration and find their polling place. Election data, such as turnout statistics is available online. The lists of polling locations by township and township maps of precincts may also be useful on Election Day.