Election judges needed for primary election

February 4, 2004
Press Release

Cook County Clerk David Orr’s office is now accepting applications for election judges to work the March 16 presidential primary election in suburban Cook County.

"Election judges stand on the front lines of democracy and play a vital role in protecting the honesty and integrity of the electoral process,” Orr said. “A full complement of judges will better ensure that Election Day will run smoothly.”

Qualified individuals can now sign up to become judges online by visiting the "Programs" section of this election website – www.voterinfonet.com – which allows qualified individuals to fill out an application online. People interested in serving can also call (312) 603-0964 or (312) 603-0965 to sign up.

To qualify as an election judge, you must be a registered voter and live in Cook County.

More than 12,000 election judges are needed to fully staff the 2,423 precincts in suburban Cook County. Ideally, five judges work in each precinct.

Judges open polling places, certify that voters are registered and qualified to vote, explain election procedures to voters, demonstrate proper voting technique, operate election equipment and transmit the votes at the end of the day.

Election judges receive a total of $150 for their work. That includes $100 for working Election Day and $50 for attending a two-hour and fifteen-minute training session prior to the election. Judges begin work at 5:15 a.m. and work until the precinct votes are transmitted after the polls close at 7 p.m.

The Clerk’s office is also looking for bilingual election judges to work suburban precincts with high concentrations of Spanish-speaking voters. Individuals should indicate if they are fluent in Spanish when they apply.