Clerk's office corrects legal notice

October 29, 2004
Press Release

The Cook County Clerk’s office incorrectly listed in several suburban newspapers this week the punch numbers for two offices up for election Tuesday.

The two offices involved in the error were the State’s Attorney of Cook County and the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County. The correct punch numbers for these offices and candidates are:

State’s Attorney of Cook County
Richard A. Devine - Democratic  78
Phillip Spiwak -  Republican   80

Clerk of the Circuit Court
Dorothy A. Brown - Democratic  94
Judith A. Kleiderman - Republican   96

The Clerk’s office is printing corrections – displaying each candidate’s name with the correct punch number – in more than 70 editions of local suburban Cook County newspapers that will be published and delivered before Tuesday’s election.

The incorrect punch numbers were not printed on any ballots. All sample ballots, absentee ballots and polling place ballots are correct.

A correct version of the legal notice from the Clerk’s office appeared in the Thursday, October 28 edition of the Sun-Times. An additional correction will be published in the Nov. 1 edition of the Sun-Times.