Clerk’s Office Conducts Party Lottery

April 23, 2002
Press Release

Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Jim Durkin will top the ballot when voters in Chicago and suburban Cook County head to the polls this fall.

The Republican Party won the top slots Tuesday as Cook County Clerk David Orr held a lottery drawing to determine which party’s candidates will appear first on the November 5, 2002 general election ballot.

Leticia Orozco, 18, a senior at Morton East High School in Cicero and who is active in the Clerk’s Teen Democracy Programs, was chosen by the Clerk’s office to perform the drawing. The names of both political parties were each written on separate sheets of paper, placed in vials and then dropped into a fish bowl. Leticia then reached in and picked one.

The outcome of the drawing will result in Republican candidates appearing above Democratic candidates in each contested race in Chicago and suburban Cook, ranging from the office of the U.S. Senate to circuit court judgeships.

Candidates wishing to file as members of new political parties must do so between June 17 and June 24 with the Illinois State Board of Elections or a local county clerk.

For more information, call the Elections Department at (312) 603-0906.