Clerk Orr urges suburban Cook County residents to ‘Be Vocal. #VoteLocal’

February 14, 2017
Press Release

Stresses everyday impact of local government’s decisions, actions

As the suburban Cook County elections near, Cook County Clerk David Orr is leading a voter turnout effort by his office while also stressing the importance of local elections.

Orr’s office kicks off the campaign today, making use of the slogan: “Be Vocal. #VoteLocal.”

Suburban Cook County’s Consolidated Primary Election will take place on Feb 28 followed by the Consolidated General Election on April 4.

Offices up for election include mayors, city & village council members, as well as members of school, park and library districts.

Orr notes that a significant factor that can impact voter turnout is the rate of contested races.
“In the 2013 Consolidated Elections, a remarkable 65 percent of the offices on the ballot were uncontested,” Orr said.

Last fall Orr’s office introduced a Running for Office (RFO) Starter Kit. The RFO application guides prospective candidates for suburban offices through the necessary paperwork and instructions before they hit the streets to collect signatures.

From October to December, 406 individuals generated a candidate packet using the RFO. Of the 406 packets:

  • 75% were for a local School Board or Community College District
  • 15% were for a local Park District
  • 10% were for local Library District

“People who vote in local elections have the power to directly impact the decisions being made in their communities,” Orr said. “Those who do not vote concede that power to those who do. Your vote never goes further than when it’s local.”

Consolidated Election – Key Dates


Consolidated Primary Election Day


Last day to register to vote by paper application


First day of grace period registration and voting


Last day to register to vote by online application


First day of early voting


Last day to request a mail ballot, including military and overseas voters


Last day of early voting


Last day of grace period registration and voting


Last day mail ballots can be postmarked


Election Day


For more information regarding the upcoming consolidated election and the Be Vocal. #VoteLocal campaign please visit: