Clerk Orr Statement on Women’s Equality Day

Clerk Davis Orr
August 26, 2016
Statement from the Clerk

Today, on Women's Equality Day, we look back on those women who fought to be heard so that future generations of women could exercise their right to vote. We remember the struggles of women like Susan B. Anthony, who was arrested and convicted for casting a ballot in 1872; Ida B. Wells, who fought for racial equality and women's rights; and less familiar names like Frances Willard whose Evanston home is a national landmark.

In the 96 years since the adoption of the 19th Amendment, our country has made great progress toward equality for women, but we know there is still work to do—like giving women equal pay for equal work. As we celebrate the adoption of the 19th Amendment, we are reminded of both the progress we have made and of the work we still need to do.

David Orr
Cook County Clerk