Clerk Orr Statement on Texas Voter ID Law Ruling

Clerk David Orr
April 11, 2017
Statement from the Clerk

I applaud Monday’s federal district court ruling which has found Texas’ voter identification law to be discriminatory and unconstitutional – yet again.
This ruling marks the fifth time that the law was found to disproportionately impact Texas' minority voters. Just four months into 2017 and we have already seen federal courts, in three separate cases, rule against Texas or one of its municipalities regarding Voter ID laws.

Prior to the Supreme Court’s elimination of preclearance from the Voting Rights Act in 2013, several states, including Texas, were required to seek federal approval in order to change any voting law. These states were closely monitored due to their extensive past record of engaging in voter discrimination. Yet today, we see revived discriminatory laws that blatantly target voters based on their race.
Voting is a fundamental right. Our democracy simply cannot survive if these discriminatory practices are allowed to persist.
It is time for the legislators who support and push voter identification laws to stop suppressing their constituents and begin serving them.

David Orr
Cook County Clerk