Clerk Orr’s statement on Gay Marriage Lawsuit Decision

September 27, 2013
Press Release
Vital Records

Cook County Clerk David Orr is the public official charged by law with the responsibility for issuing marriage licenses. He has been a leader in the move toward marriage equality in Illinois and was at the forefront of the drive to provide legal recognition for civil unions in the state. Originally named as a defendant in the marriage equality lawsuits, he refused to defend the law and was realigned as a plaintiff.  He has been actively involved in the litigation for over a year.

"I am greatly pleased that Judge Sophia Hall wisely decided to deny the major parts of the Motions to Strike our marriage equality lawsuit.

“With the biggest hurdles out of the way, we can get to the merits of the case, which I believe we can and should win. I am confident that the Judge will see her way to finding that marriage equality is required by the Illinois constitution.

“I look forward to issuing marriage licenses to the well-deserving plaintiffs and all couples, who should have been given their equality a long time ago.

“As for the legislature, I believe they should man up and pass marriage equality. The time is now.”

Video of Clerk Orr's statement can be seen here.