Clerk Orr names Noah Praetz as Director of Elections

June 5, 2013
Press Release

Cook County Clerk David Orr today named Noah Praetz the Director of Elections for Suburban Cook County.

“Noah has literally worked his way up the ladder, proving himself at every rung," Orr said. “As one of the country’s foremost leaders in election security and technology, Noah is the right man to lead our office into the future.”

Praetz, formely the Deputy Director of Elections, began working for the Clerk's office in 2000 as a temporary employee entering voter registration cards prior to that presidential election.

“At the start of my career, I watched as the Supreme Court of the United States decided a presidential election because, by-and-large, the nation’s administrative elections policies, voter lists, and ballot counting systems weren't quite good enough to withstand the meddling,” Praetz said. “Since that point, I have committed my professional life to helping tighten-up these three incredibly complex endeavors."

Praetz is active in several election organizations, including the International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers. He is a graduate of Bradley University and DePaul College of Law. He lives in Indian Head Park with his wife, Megan O'Connell, and their three children.