Candidates finalized for Nov. 4

September 5, 2008
Press Release

A complete list of candidates who have filed with Cook County for the Nov. 4, 2008 Presidential General Election is now available.

In addition, nine people filed the required paperwork to be write-in candidates.

To be eligible as a write-in candidate in Illinois, a person must file paperwork with the county clerk, or election authority, in each jurisdiction where their name will appear on the ballot. Any write-in votes cast for ineligible write-in candidates will not be counted, in accordance with state law.

In suburban Cook County, write-in candidates had to submit a Write-in Candidate Declaration of Intent form at the Cook County Clerk's downtown Chicago office.

The Clerk's office will provide a list of eligible write-in candidates to each precinct on Election Day. This list enables election judges to determine which write-in candidates are running in their precinct. Only votes for eligible write-in candidates are counted. Voters can vote for a write-in candidate on an optical scan ballot or a touch screen machine.

The official write-in candidates are:

President of the United States

  • Donald K. Allen, Youngstown, OH
  • Lawson Mitchell Bone, Fayetteville, TN
  • Jonathan Allen, Montrose, CO
  • Ronald G. Hobbs, McKnightown, PA
  • Frank Moore, Berkeley, CA

Representative in Congress, 2nd District

  • Nathan Peoples, Chicago, IL

Representative in Congress, 9th District

  • Susanne Atanus, Des Plaines, IL

Representative in Congress, 13th District

  • Theodore Knapp, Lisle, IL

State Senator, 18th District

  • Bob Shelstrom, Palos Park, IL

REMINDER: The end of voter registration is fast approaching. New voters, and voters who have moved or changed their name, must register by Oct. 7.