April 1 elections no joke

March 24, 2003
Press Release

Cook County Clerk David Orr urged all suburban voters to cast ballots in Tuesday’s local municipal elections, noting that recent events underscore the value of participating in the democratic process.

"In a democracy, the consent of the governed in determining who gets elected is something that we should not take for granted," Orr said. "Voters should exercise their right to vote on Tuesday and become active players by making their voices heard."

Depending on the suburb, elections for village president/mayor, village trustee/alderman, park and library district boards, school boards and fire protection district boards as well as referendums will take place. Suburban voters will have an average of eight races on their ballots.

"Much is at stake in these local elections," Orr said. "From taxes to schools to fire and police protection, most of the offices and issues on the ballot have a direct impact on voters’ daily lives."

Before you vote
Candidates are listed on the Clerk’s elections website www.voterinfonet.com. On the site, voters can also type their addresses to: download a virtual ballot of candidates running in their precinct; find out the location of their polling place; and verify if they are registered to vote. 
Before Election Day, suburban voters will receive a red election information brochure in the mail from the Clerk’s office. The brochure will give detailed instructions on proper voting technique and explain how the county’s error-detection voting equipment works. It will also list each voter’s polling place address.

Polling place reminders
The Clerk’s office reminds voters to carefully examine their ballot cards for hanging or dimpled chads after making their selections and remove them before inserting their ballot cards into the ballot counter. This will prevent possible errors and help ensure a more accurate vote count. 
Error-detection equipment will again be activated in every precinct to warn voters of possible mistakes. Voters will insert their ballots into a ballot counter that will instantly scan them for unrecorded votes (undervotes and overvotes). If an undervote or overvote is detected, the machine will eject the ballot card. Voters then have a "second chance" to make changes or corrections, or have their ballot counted "as is."

By the numbers

  • Polls will be open: 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Total number of candidates: 2,308
  • Total number of contests: 740
  • Total number of referendums: 76
  • Total number of precincts: 2,465
  • Total number of ballot formats: 795
  • Registered voters (suburban Cook County): 1,321,849
  • Election results: www.voterinfonet.com beginning after 7:15 p.m.