68% of suburban Cook Early Voters have cast Democratic ballots

January 20, 2010
Press Release

During the first eight days of Early Voting, more than 7,000 voters cast Democratic ballots in suburban Cook County for the Feb. 2 Gubernatorial Primary, Cook County Clerk David Orr announced Wednesday.

"About 68 percent have selected a Democratic ballot, followed by 31 percent voting Republican, and less than 1 percent voting Green Party or non-partisan," Orr said.

The party split is trending more Republican than during the February 2008 Presidential Primary, when 23 percent of suburban voters voted Republican and 76 percent voted Democratic. However, the percentage of voters choosing Republican ballots was greater in the last two gubernatorial primaries: 33 percent voted Republican in 2006; 35 percent voted Republican in 2002.

Altogether, 10,477 suburban voters have voted early since Jan. 11.

Orland Park Village Hall has been the busiest suburban Cook County Early Voting site so far, with 1,049 voters casting ballots through Tuesday, Jan. 19. Centennial Park in Wilmette and Northbrook Village Hall take the second and third spots, with 664 and 509 voters respectively.

Nearly 2,000 voters cast ballots on Tuesday, the busiest day yet during Early Voting.

"Historically, Early Voting participation grows as the election nears," Orr said. "The busiest days are still ahead."

Cumulative turnout totals by Early Voting location and hours and locations are available on cookcountyclerk.com.

Registered voters do not need an excuse to vote early, but they must bring a government-issued photo ID to their Early Voting site. All Early Voting is conducted on touch screen voting equipment. Anyone who casts a ballot during Early Voting may not vote on Election Day. 

In a primary election, voters can vote for candidates of one party only. There are three established political parties in Illinois: Republican, Democratic and Green Party. When voting early or on Election Day, you must indicate your party preference. Non-partisan ballots list referenda, if any, but not contests for party nominations.