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Statement from Cook County Clerk David Orr Regarding Supreme Court Ruling on Ohio’s Voter Roll Purges In a partisan 5-4 vote, the Court upheld the state of Ohio’s uniquely aggressive efforts to purge its voting rolls. June 11, 2018 News
Democratic Party wins top ballot spot in lottery The top spot on the ballot in the November 6, 2018 Gubernatorial Election in Cook County will go to Democratic Party candidates. May 8, 2018 News
Post-Election Report highlights suburban Cook turnout, trends The Clerk’s Office’s 2018 Gubernatorial Primary Post-Election Report takes a comprehensive look at the voting totals, trends and statistics during... May 2, 2018 News
Testimony in Support of HB5531 “Small Donor Democracy Matching System for Fair Elections Act” Cook County Clerk David Orr's testimony before the Illinois House Elections & Campaign Finance Committee in support of small donor matching (... May 1, 2018 News
Unofficial suburban Cook County precinct results now online Unofficial March 20, 2018 Gubernatorial Primary Election and precinct-level results for suburban Cook County can now be viewed online. March 22, 2018 News
March 20 Gubernatorial Primary Election Information Clerk David Orr reminds suburban Cook County voters that there’s plenty at stake in tomorrow’s Consolidated Election when 357 contests and 425... March 19, 2018 News
EIS-GCC: An Open Letter to American Voters There are real threats to all digital technologies, including those used to run elections. Election officials across the country are working day and... March 9, 2018 News
NOTICE: Polling places changed for 58 precincts Voters in 58 precincts in suburban Cook County will have a new polling place for the March 20 Gubernatorial Primary Election, Cook County Clerk David... March 8, 2018 News
Early Voting for Gubernatorial Primary begins Monday Early Voting for the March 20 Gubernatorial Primary Election began on Monday. March 5, 2018 News
March 2018 Campaign Free Zone List Enclosed is a list of campaign free zones. February 28, 2018 News