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Voting at Age 17

Thank you to the many schools and civic organizations that worked so hard to register students for the March 20, 2018 Gubernatorial Primary. For more information contact Mark Mesle at 312.603.0988 or mark.mesle@cookcountyil.gov.

Any 17-year-old citizen who will turn 18
by November 6, 2018 can register to vote now!

Watch the "Voting at 17" video

I am 17 and I'm going to register and vote because.....

“I want to make a difference in the world.”
Mathew, Brother Rice

“I feel it’s important for the younger generation to get involved.”
Wilkins, Brother Rice

“My voice is important.”
- Juliana, Niles North

“17 is not too young to know and care about your community.”
Lauryn, Niles North

“One vote can make a difference.”
Paola, Palatine

“I know I want to make a difference in this country.”
Taylor, Palatine

“It’s my chance to have a say.”
Isabella, Proviso Math and Science

“I’m excited to be a part of the political system.”
Emma, Proviso Math and Science