David Orr, Cook County Clerk

Register to Vote

Registering to vote allows you to participate in the electoral process and gives you the power to make a difference in deciding who will serve in elected office.

Registering to vote has never been easier or more convenient. You can register in person or you can download registration forms and register through the mail.

Grace period registration and voting extends the registration period by allowing voters to register to vote up to three days before an election. However, guidelines limit when and where grace period registrants can vote. 

Voter Registration Video

Registro de Votantes del Condado Cook


If you change your name, you must re-register.  If you register at a public service agency, any information regarding the agency that assisted you will remain confidential as will any decision not to register.

Fill out a form online, print, sign and mail it in. 

Download a mail-in voter registration card:


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