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Where and how to register

Registering to vote has never been easier or more convenient. You can register online, in person or you can download registration forms and register through the mail.

1. Online

If you have an Illinois driver's license or state ID, you may register online through the Illinois State Board of Elections website.

2. PDF

If you don't have a driver's license or state ID, apply to register to vote by using an online application provided by the Illinois State Board of Elections. You must have a printer or provide an email to complete your online application.

Go to online application.

3. Paper

Eligible suburban Cook County residents can complete a mail-in voter application form and return it to the Cook County Clerk's office. Voter registration applications are available in:

     English                Spanish
     Hindi                    Chinese 
     Korean                 Polish

The Clerk's office can also mail you an application form. Call (312) 603-0906 to request one.

First-time voters who register by mail no longer have to vote in person the first time they vote. They can either vote in person or vote absentee by mail.

When submitting a voter registration application:

  • Fill out the entire application
  • Sign the application
  • Mail the completed, signed application to:
            David Orr, Cook County Clerk
            69 W. Washington St., Room 500
            Chicago, IL 60602

4. In person

Eligible suburban Cook County residents can also register to vote in person with a certified registrar by going to:

Grace-period registration and voting

Grace-period registration and voting is the only way to register or change your address or name after the regular registration period ends. It is also the only way to vote if you are not registered or if your voter registration is not up to date.

Identification needed when registering in person

If registering to vote in person, you must display two pieces of identification. Neither needs to be a photo ID, but one must include your current address. Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • Illinois driver's license
  • Illinois state ID
  • Employee or student ID
  • Credit card
  • Social security card
  • Birth certificate
  • Utility bill in applicant's name
  • Mail postmarked to the applicant
  • Valid U.S. passport
  • Lease or rental contract

For voters outside suburban Cook County, please visit your city or county’s website for more information.


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