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How Provisional Votes are Counted

Provisional ballots are counted after Election Day.

By law, you must vote in your assigned precinct, which you can find in Your Voter Profile, for all votes on your provisional ballot to count.

After the polls close:

  • The Clerk's office receives all provisional ballots and determines the registration status for each provisional voter within two weeks after the election.

  • If the Clerk's office determines you are registered and eligible to vote:
    Your ballot is counted. The final vote total for each candidate in an election is adjusted to include provisional votes before official results are issued.

  • If you are not registered, the votes you cast will not be counted. However, the information you supplied on the affidavit form will serve as a registration application. In this case, you will receive a voter identification card in the mail, which will enable you to vote in the next election unless you move before then.